May Member of the Month

Greater Fellowship Missionary For the month of May, Greater Fellowship presents the lovely Sister Hawkins. Sister Hawkins was actually one of the original members of the Church. She was part of the inaugural group of members that marched down Reading Rd to our current location. Happily married to our Pastor, Rev. Mark Hawkins, Sister Hawkins has successfully raised two beautiful children. She is a native of Cincinnati as well as a graduate of the prestigious Walnut Hills High School and University of Cincinnati. During our interview, Sister Hawkins touched on a number of subjects including worship, faith, the status of our church and so on.

Sister Hawkins has always been a very active member within Greater Fellowship. She has taught Sunday school in one form or another for roughly 35 years. Additionally, she has both led various church committees as well as simply been a part of many others as a committee member. The innovative and forward thinking of Sister Hawkins has helped to create many ministries within the church. She is constantly thinking of new ways that we can spread God’s word. Regardless of the activity, two things that always shine through is Sister Hawkins humble spirit and her passionate love of Christ.

Throughout the years Sister Hawkins has been a remarkable example of how to live as a Christian as well as a Wife and Mother. Greater Fellowship has been blessed to have her as an anchor to secure itself to for the past 4 decades. Sister Hawkins has a very powerful and inspiring message. In addition to her message, her inviting spirit is as warm as a ray of sunshine. To Sister Hawkins we say, “Thank you.” Your work and message has not gone without notice. Your love of Christ and undying thirst for knowledge is something we can all appreciate and should hunger for. We appreciate you & love you endlessly.