March Member of the Month

Greater Fellowship Missionary Greater Fellowship presents the distinguished, Mr. Brian Belton as it’s March Member of the Month. Brian has literally been a member of GFBC all of his life. Brian’s Grandmother, Alean Belton, was one of the founding members of GFBC. With the addition of his son, Brian Jr., Greater Fellowship has been blessed to have four generations of Belton’s as members. At the age of 14 Brian was baptized and personally accepted Christ as his savior.

In recent years Brian has become a very active member in the Church. Brian often facilitates workshops for the monthly youth sessions. His most recent discussion with the youth dealt with the topic of forgiveness. During said discussion, Brian revealed his personal struggle to forgive his father which had abandoned him as an infant. In addition to the youth session, Brian is an active member of the GFBC Website committee. Seeing the need, Brian decided to help form a group designed to spread the news of Greater Fellowship through the internet and social media. Seeing a need and then answering the call also led Brian to help out last year with the raising of monies for the Church Building Fund.

Brian’s life goals are to establish the best relationship that he can with God as well raise his son to become a productive, contributing member of society. Anyone who knows Brian understands that he has made it his life’s calling to raise his son, Brian Jr., as a God fearing person who someday will have his own relationship with God. It is safe to say Brian takes being a Father more serious than anything else in life. Brian’s dedication to religion and fatherhood are attributes that should be more easily transferred to other men in our culture. Think of how the world would be if more men were driven by their relationships with God and Family?

When asked his opinion of Greater Fellowship, Brian states, “Pastor Hawkins provides real-world scenarios, preaches with conviction, and provides enlightening, thought-provoking messages in his sermons.” Brian credits Pastor Hawkins with sparking his interest to learn more about the word of God and becoming a better person. His wish is that the Church can continue to work with the youth, providing a positive atmosphere just like it did for him.

In addition to graduating High School, Brian has earned an Undergraduate Degree as well as a Graduate Degree in Business Administration. In a world of negatives, he is truly a success story. Brian has decided to bring his talents back to Greater Fellowship. For that we say “Thank You.” Greater Fellowship looks forward to the positive influences you will have on the Church going into the next chapter of our history. We are blessed to have you as a member. As always, we love you without end.