June Member of the Month

Greater Fellowship Missionary For the Month of June, Greater Fellowship presents the studious Sister Gloria Wood. Gloria was featured last year on the website as one of two members who had recently graduated high school. Gloria, like many other members of Greater Fellowship, has been a member of the church for the majority of her life. Greater Fellowship is the place where she was baptized as a little girl, nurtured and tutored in Christian etiquette as an adolescent and ultimately groomed into the young adult she has become today.

Currently Sister Gloria attends Berea College located in Berea, KY. She has completed her freshman year of coursework and plans to pursue a degree in Chemistry in the upcoming semesters. It is not surprising that Gloria would find an interest in Chemistry considering that while at Saint Bernard High School she maintained a 3.8 GPA. Despite maintaining such a high GPA while in High School, Gloria still found time to participate in athletics, earning a varsity letter in the sport of Volleyball. In addition to her school activities Gloria also donated her time at Church on Sunday’s. Gloria filled in on Sunday’s as the engineer in the audio room. Her duties included, but were not limited to, ensuring that the morning services were recorded as well as that the volumes of the musical instruments and microphones were at the correct levels. Such a task is very important considering that the message of the sermon and songs are meaningless if they are mute.

Professionally, Gloria would like to work with animals in some capacity once she is finished with her studies at Berea. Her Christian goals are ultimate. Gloria realizes that the Christian journey is a long one that she is just in the beginning of. Every day she strives to build a closer relationship with Jesus Christ. She looks at it as if it is a race whereby Heaven is the finish line…Birth is the start of the race and everything else in the middle are simply laps or legs in the course. Her goal is not to be the first to complete the race but to finish the race at the right location.

When asked about why someone else should visit Greater Fellowship, Gloria’s response was pretty direct. She stated, simply, “I would tell people to visit Greater Fellowship because I am there…it must be a good place if I am there.”

Gloria is making her Church Family very proud. She is a testament that the future of the youth isn’t a lost cause. She has been a great example to other young people her age. Gloria is living proof that anything is possible for those that are willing to put their minds towards something and move forward. We look forward to seeing her during the summers and other school breaks. Greater Fellowship encourages Gloria to do and be the best that she can be. We thank you for your service & friendly attitude. Keep up the great work. As always, Greater Fellowship loves you endlessly.