July Member of the Month

Greater Fellowship Missionary For the month of July, Greater Fellowship presents the talented Mr. Matthew Taylor. Matthew is another lifelong member of Greater Fellowship. Additionally, he represents a 3rd generation of the Taylor family. His grandmother is currently one of the most tenured members of the Church. Matthew’s family is known throughout the church for their many talents of being able to sing or either play musical instruments. Matthew’s talents, however, would be displayed through the arts. As a graduate of the prestigious School of Performing and Creative Arts, Matthew would demonstrate a love for performing on stage. His passion for the arts would lead Matthew to study Theater & Drama at the American Musical & Dramatic Academy (AMDA). During his time at AMDA, Matthew was fortunate enough to live in both New York & California.

Earlier this year Matthew answered the call to reunite his membership with the Church. In doing so, Matthew made a public request to be reinstated as an active member of the Church body. Since doing so, he has been dedicated in his attendance as well as his commitment to becoming a better Christian in his personal life. Upon being asked why he returned to Greater Fellowship over another church, Matthew remarked that, “Greater Fellowship is home…nothing beats home. That is where I grew up and that is where my family is at…Nobody will treat you the way they do at home.”

Although Matthew is still fairly young he is wise enough to realize that Jesus Christ has set forth a blueprint for his people to follow. His ultimate goal in life is to follow that path. Mathew accepts that being a Christian also carries with it the responsibility of being excellent in one’s functions and duties. As such he is committed to being successful in whatever field or occupation he is in…simply going through the motions is just not something Matthew can do.

Matthew attributes any successes in his life to his inspiration-his mother. He says that it was his mother who instilled upon him a sense of work ethic. Per Matthew, she did this by living as an example of what she expected from him and not simply telling him what to do. He witnessed first-hand his mother work hard and then make sacrifices in order for him to have an opportunity to do and find his own way in life. For Matthew, his mother’s strong mindedness along with her never ending work ethic has served as his foundation. Whenever in doubt he is restored back to values she has taught him.

As a boy, Matthew’s mother taught him that he belonged in the church. Not surprising that, as a man, Matthew has returned to his church home. Members of Greater Fellowship prayed for Matthew as he left for his journey. We now rejoice because he has returned. We know that Matthew is talented enough to do whatever he pleases. The world is at your grasp. It is our hope that we can help you reach the stars of your dreams. Remember that through Christ all things are possible. Greater Fellowship would like to say welcome back as well as that our love for you is endless.