November & December Member of the Month

Greater Fellowship Missionary For the months of November & December, Greater Fellowship presents the victorious Joseph Townsend and Stevozz Foster. Stevozz & Joseph are both juniors at Mount Healthy High School where they have recently completed another great football season. Finishing up with an overall record of 9 wins-2 losses, the two of them know a little something about “WINNING.” As Varsity members of the Fighting Owls, these two young men were a huge part of the team’s success this year. Although their playoff run was cut short, Stevozz and Joseph look forward to returning for their senior seasons and hopefully leading the team to a Division II State Championship.

In addition to working hard to prepare themselves physically, both Joseph and Stevozz realize the importance of training themselves mentally. Joseph has recently improved his G.P.A. to an even 3.0. He has also begun to start looking at future college homes. Illinois ranks at the top of the list of possible colleges Joseph may be looking forward to attending once he has graduated high school. Since the end of the football season, Stevozz has turned his focus to studying for the upcoming ACT exam. While Stevozz enjoys playing football and all of the opportunities it has brought him, his mid-range goal is to obtain an academic scholarship to an institute of higher learning. Regardless of the route, both of these young men are planning to move on to the next level of education once they are finished with high school. Their hard work on the field as well as in the classroom will soon come to harvest in the form of scholarships and acceptance letters to the universities of their choice.

In order to achieve their dreams, these two young men will have to do more than just play hard or do well on tests. They are teenagers trying to make their own stamp on life. In order to do so they must constantly avoid the many traps that are set in front of them. When asked about the types of peer pressures they face, both Joseph and Stevozz referred to drugs, sex, violence & complacency being things that often plague their classmates and friends. Joseph and Stevozz have made a conscious effort to avoid things like smoking weed, involving themselves in gang like violence as well as many other deviant activities. They fight against complacency by staying focused on their dreams and goals. Both Joseph and Stevozz realize that in order to be successful, they must continue to improve themselves on the field as well as in the classroom.

When not being driven by their dreams, Stevozz has his mother to look to for motivation. Stevozz describes his mother as being perfect…her personality being warm and inviting. Stevozz has witnessed his mother make sacrifice’s so that he didn’t have to go without. Additionally she has always been there for him to go to about anything. The last thing Stevozz would want to do is let her down. Joseph, on the other hand, views his father as his biggest mentor. Joseph’s father, Deacon Roy Townsend, has instilled in him a great sense of work ethic and pride. For Joseph, his father has been showing him how to be a man by simply setting the example. Joseph has witnessed his father go above and beyond to provide for their family and at the same time help total strangers. As a result of the influences of their parents, both Stevozz and Joseph mentioned that they want their lives to be both an example as well as a help to others.

To Joseph Townsend and Stevozz Foster, Greater Fellowship would like to congratulate you and your teammates on a winning football season. We will always encourage you to be good students and stay on the straight and narrow path. Continue to honor your parents & participate in church activities while resisting pressure from your peers to do wrong. We are here to support you where needed but most importantly we want to reiterate how proud we are of you two young men for choosing to do what is right. Your hard work right now will lead you to unimaginable levels of success. Never forget the foundations of your work ethic, pride & faith. We congratulate you again as well as love you both without end.