Greater Fellowship Groups

In order to ensure a smooth transition from one part of the service to another the need for the various auxiliary departments are great. The work performed by the people involved in the various auxiliaries, whether behind the scenes or on center stage, is very critical to how the church is perceived as a whole. Members who have volunteered to participate in church auxiliaries often sacrifice countless hours outside of Sunday service rehearsing in the choir, visiting nursing homes and other ill members, planning programs, etc. For that we would like to take this opportunity to say ‘Thank you.”

These must be the kindest ladies in the entire city. No one makes it through the front doors without being greeted with a smile and a kind hello by the Ushers of Greater Fellowship. When they are not greeting visitors the ushers usually are helping to make sure the flow of the service is continuous.

Our Deacons bring over 300 years of combined experience and wisdom to service every week. Their knowledge transcends biblical and goes into the personal. All five of these men are well versed in scripture as well as life experiences. A simple conversation with any one of them will leave you feeling uplifted and encouraged. In addition to maintaining a positive outlook on life they are also pretty snazzy dressers too.

Don’t worry about shouting too hard. If the spirit happens to catch a hold of you during the service, one of these ladies will be close by to offer assistance. Between them and God we promise you are in good hands.

Well church just wouldn’t be church if there wasn’t some good singing/”sanging” during Sunday morning service. Is there anything else that really needs to be said about the choir??? Come check them out for yourself.

Every 3rd weekend of the month is dedicated to the youth of Greater Fellowship. On this weekend of the month Saturday afternoons are used to teach the youth biblical lessons. These lessons have included but are not limited to: Manners & Church Etiquette, Obedience, Christian Conduct, Maintaining a Respectful & Christian-Like Conversation, Resisting Wrongful Temptations, Peer Pressure & Spiritual Responsibility.

During Sunday worship service the youth are also encouraged to explore their talents through song, rap, poetry, etc. Additionally, the message during this Sunday’s service is often focused on encouraging the youth in their Christian journey.

All children under the age of 18 are both welcomed as well as encouraged to come and participate in our youth weekend. The lessons learned on Saturday can be empowering tools in dealing with everyday life situations in a positive manner.

If you are under the age of 18 and looking for something to do on the 3rd weekend of the month…look no further, we have you covered.